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Poem generate by AI

Data publicarii: 2023-04-29 08:37:17 Autor: Robert Stanciulescu
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Poem genarate by AI

This a poem genrated by AI. I give AI a word and the AI genarate this poem. The word was spring. The result are pretty good i think. 

Spring has sprung, the birds do sing,
The sun shines bright, and flowers bring
A colorful beauty to every sight,
As nature wakes from a winter's night

The air is fresh, the breeze is mild,
The earth awakens, like a precious child
The sky is blue, the clouds are white,
As Spring brings forth a stunning sight

In the fields, the grass does grow,
As tiny buds on trees do show,
The fragrance of blooming flowers,
Runs across the green fields for hours

The days are long, the nights are short,
As Spring arrives with a kind escort,
The season of new, and new starts,
Brings joy to all, and light to dark hearts.

So as you walk among this Spring,
Enjoy the beauty in everything,
The season of growth and new hope,
Is here to help us all learn to cope.

This poem was generated with: 

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