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Music generate by AI

Data publicarii: 2023-04-29 09:35:22 Autor: Robert Stanciulescu
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I generate some songs using AI. The result you can hear on the . It exist a lot of tools to generate music using AI. Like this tool that I use and the result is pretty impressive for my point of view.

I try to find an Ai tool that generate music from poem. I want to give them a poem to choose the type of song and the Ai generate the song. I think this will be the next generation of AI music tool generation. This is more complicated because it must generate voice. And natural voice it is not so easy to generate. 

I try some tools to generate natural voice or to clone my voice and i do not obtain good results. The result is good but I can see the difference between my voice and the Ai generate voice. 

I think to generate a song with voice is more complicated because i must to sing and i am not a good singer. My singing voice is terrible. 

After you listen the song that I generate using Ai please tell me your oppinion in the comment section. 

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